Chemistry Tuition for GCSE and A level : Chelmsford Tutors

Chemistry tuition is available for the GCSE and A level specifications and our tutors can help deal with many aspects which students find difficult.

At GCSE, chemistry is most frequently cited as the hardest of the three sciences. Balancing equations, quantitative chemistry, chemical equilibrium, electrolysis and organic chemistry commonly cause difficulty.

A level chemistry students often find the step from GCSE particularly challenging and our experienced tutors can offer invaluable support. The less mathematically able students can struggle with calculation problems. Generally, tutors find that an effective strategy is for students to routinely practice past exam papers and discuss their answers with the tutor.

To find a chemistry tutor call us on 01245 225493, email or complete an enquiry form.

Testimonials from our clients

Sally’s tuition for A level re-takes will shortly finish.  We have been more than impressed with the calibre of tutors and know that Sally has gained enormous help in all three subjects, let’s hope this translates into higher grades in August!

Thank you very much and we will let you know how Sally gets on!