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Chelmsford Tutors provides tuition for the GCSE and A Level specifications in Economics and Business Studies together with assistance for Accountancy qualifications.

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What tutors say

Economics tutors frequently find that the topics which prove to be most problematic for their students are macro-economics, revenues, costs and profits and market structure. Bridging the gap between micro- and macro-economics can prove to be especially difficult. Understanding and producing diagrams can be challenging too. Trying to comprehend the variety of economic policies that are in operation throughout the world is especially demanding but an experienced tutor should be able to unravel the complexity breaking down the subject into more manageable categories.

With business studies, many topics can be challenging at A level including financial planning, interpreting financial statements, ratio analysis, decision trees and CPA. Tutors often find that students show a lack of understanding with differentiating between SMEs and corporate enterprise. An experienced tutor can be invaluable in helping to understand these difficult areas.