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Our French tutors cover all ages from beginner to adult, GCSE and A Level and help for beginners or for those who wish to improve their French conversation.

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French can be difficult for beginners for a number of reasons. Using the correct gender is not an issue that English speakers are familiar with, yet it is an integral part of the French language. Verb usage and verb tenses can present a challenge, as is the correct application of accent marks. This is further complicated by the contrasting sentence structure compared to the English translation. It is easy make errors caused by cognates, where words that are similar to English but have different meanings. Pronunciation can also be difficult when learning conversation without a competent professional to practice with.

Our language tutors cover all aspects of the GCSE and A level exam board specifications and can assist with conversation, written work and exam preparation.

To find out about French tuition call us on 01245 225493, email or complete an enquiry form.