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We offer German tuition for the GCSE and A Level specifications and help for beginners or for those who wish to improve their German conversation.

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A common problem encountered at GCSE is that German grammar and language structure is quite complicated. However, if it is explained clearly and learnt systematically, it’s very logical. One to one tuition can help students unravel the rules of German grammar and word order in a way that is easy to understand and remember and applying that skill in the spoken and written language. All too frequently tutors discover that students will have learnt many aspects of grammar but do not know how to put it all together.

A problem frequently encountered by people who have learnt some German in school is that when they try to converse with German speakers they find it very difficult to understand them. This is because the spoken language can be very different from the informal language used in conversation. This is when practising conversation one to one with a tutor can prove invaluable.

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