Expert tutors for GCSE and A level Government & Politics : Chelmsford Tutors

Tutors are avaiable who can help with all aspects of the GCSE and A level course content. A level students generally find that exam technique in particular an area of study that requires practice.

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Tutors commonly report that most students have concerns with exam technique and how to structure essays properly and present a coherent and well developed argument under timed conditions. Effective tutors explain how examiners will be looking for specific points in the marking criteria. This includes the ability to offer relevant subject knowledge, argue a consistent case in a desired structure and communicate this effectively; and of course, to answer the question! This is the case for both GCSE and A-level.

At A level the content of Government and Politics courses generally focuses on UK and US politics as comparisons together with political ideologies and philosophies. This latter aspect of the syllabus often presents issues because trying to tease out the subtitles of Conservatism, Liberalism, Marxism etc. can often be quite difficult for students that have limited experience of real world events and demonstrates the importance of keeping abreast of national and international news and current affairs.