Expert Maths Tuition for KS3, GCSE and A level : Chelmsford Tutors

Chelmsford Tutors provides maths tutors for all ages from Primary, Secondary (KS3, KS4 KS5) to adult. Covering the GCSE and A level specifications offered by the main exam boards and encompassing all disciplines including Further & Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics. We can also help with Btech, Functional skills and Adult numeracy.

All abilities are provided for, whether an individual is struggling to obtain a pass, improve a grade or aiming for top marks.

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GCSE Maths

GCSE tutors can guide students through all aspects of the course helping them build confidence and master skills. Topics that commonly cause difficulty include simultaneous equations and changing the subject of the equation, ratios, algebra and trigonometry (sohcahtoa). With the aid of working through questions from past papers our experienced tutors can identify specific weaknesses and concentrate effort where it will be most effective.

A Level Maths

At A level, some topics are conceptually difficult such as integration, differentiation vectors, hypothesis testing and conditional probability. In such cases one to one tuition is invaluable as the tutor can work through each step of the topic with the student at their own pace. However, tutors commonly find that students are losing marks by making basic mistakes such as not quoting accuracy or giving units, using incorrect notation and an inability to apply knowledge that should have been gained at GCSE. A good maths tutor will pick up on these common errors.

“Steve tutored my daughter throughout her A level maths course. He has a very calm methodical approach and gave my daughter lots of confidence in her maths. She has just found out her A level results and achieved higher than she hoped. I would highly recommend Steve.” E.R

“I just wanted to express my thanks in finding us Elizabeth. My daughter was at a maths grade 3 and struggling a lot. Elizabeth built up her confidence and worked wonders explaining and being patient throughout. Without her guidance and patience my daughter would not have achieved a grade 5.”