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Physics Tuition for GCSE and A level : Chelmsford Tutors

One to one GCSE and A level Physics tuition in the Chelmsford area. In person and online tutors.

At GCSE our tutors find that it is often the application of equations which is frequently cited as a cause of concern. Thoroughly understanding the concepts that each equation relates to can help with removing the rather abstract nature that equations often convey.

With A level, students frequently find the mathematical component of the Physics courses particularly challenging, and this is where one to one tuition can be particularly beneficial.

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Our tutors say:

Having a tutor is particularly helpful as physics is a cumulative subject. Failure to grasp one topic will make further topics difficult to understand. Physics requires the ability to use algebra and geometry and move from the specific to the general and back. Students find this particularly difficult and it is essential to extend studying beyond set work as practicing problems in different contexts can prove highly beneficial.

Physics requires the ability to use algebra and geometry and to go from the specific to the general and back. This is what makes learning physics difficult for students. One of the many reasons that could lead to student’s downfall in Physics are:

Lack of enthusiasm and interest and not studying more

Not reading the textbook and practicing many problems

Working only assigned problems and not doing homework

Lack of prior experience and physics backgroundLack of higher level mathematics

Testimonials from our clients

“Sally’s tuition for A level re-takes will shortly finish.  We have been more than impressed with the calibre of tutors and know that Sally has gained enormous help in all three subjects, let’s hope this translates into higher grades in August!

Thank you very much and we will let you know how Sally gets on!”