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Primary English & Maths Tuition for Reception KS1, KS2, SATs, 11+, Entrance exams : Chelmsford Tutors

Tuition is available to cover all requirements for primary aged children. This includes help with maths and English for reception, KS1 and KS2. We also provide preparation for the 11+ and private school entrance examinations.

Primary aged children will often benefit from one to one support to help build confidence and prevent the child from falling behind which can lead to further anxiety. This may be in the form of general support for maths and English and phonics or preparation for SATs tests, the eleven plus examination or preparation for secondary school in year 6.

Contact us to find a tutor by calling 01245 225493, email or complete an enquiry form.

Children can benefit from one to one tuition for several reasons.

They may be shy and lack confidence, especially in the competitive atmosphere of the classroom. They may have fallen behind due to illness or have been disrupted by a move between schools.

For children wishing to take the 11+ examination additional tuition is particularly helpful as the advanced reasoning and mathematical skills required are generally not taught in schools. Children most frequently commence tuition for the eleven plus exam at the start of year 5 as this provides sufficient time for the child to master the problem solving skills that are required without creating a stressful environment that would occur during a condensed time period.