Spanish Tuition

GCSE, A level and Adult Spanish Tuition : Chelmsford Tutors

Spanish tuition is available at all levels including the GCSE and A Level specifications together with help for beginners and those wishing to improve their conversational skills.

Contact us to find a Spanish tutor by calling 01245 225493, email or complete an enquiry form.

Students and beginners face a number of challenges when learning Spanish. Tutors can identify incorrect verb and accent usage and explain the rules of gender agreement and grammar agreement can prove particularly confusing for beginners. Students can be confused by cognates where similar words have different meaning to the English version. Irregular verbs, different tenses, spelling and pronunciation can also prove challenging to many learners. Having a one to one tutor is also invaluable for practicing conversation especially as it can be difficult for beginners to understand the fast delevry of native speakers.

For more information on Spanish tuition call us on 01245 225493, email or complete an enquiry form.