Foreign Language Tuition GCSE, A level, Adult : Chelmsford Tutors

Language tutors provided for French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Greek All levels covered from beginner, GCSE to A Level. Tuition can be face to face or online.

The tutors are proficient with the exam board specifications but are equally happy to assist clients who wish to learn a foreign language be it for pleasure, work or to improve their holidaying experience abroad. Practising conversation with a tutor can be particularly helpful for building confidence.

Contact us to find a Language tutor by calling 01245 225493, email or complete an enquiry form.

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To find a language tutor call us on 01245 225493, email or complete an enquiry form.

Each language provides its own unique challenge.  Quite often for school children and adults, practising conversation can make them feel self-conscientious. Having a one to one tutor can overcome this issue and help build confidence.

Tuition can target particular issues, whether it be verb and gender usage, grammar or pronunciation. Inaccuracies with punctuation and accents can be costly in exams. Picking up on such errors can make the difference between pass and fail or moving up or down a grade.