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Chelmsford Tutors offers science tuition for the GCSE and A Level specifications. At GCSE tutors cover Combined Science and the individual disciplines Biology, Chemistry and Physics. We also offer tuition for Psychology and cover Health and Social care.

Face to face and online options available.

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The GCSE science courses are designed so that students not only develop an understanding of the subjects but also learn how to work scientifically and develop experimental skills, including the analysis and evaluation of results. Whether taking the combined science or separate science options, the three subjects present students with specific challenges.

The biology courses are wide reaching, introducing students to how new technologies can lead to breakthroughs in medical science, though traditional physiology to environmental science and the threats from climate change.                                             

Biology, in addition to the hurdles of dealing with Latin nomenclature and unfamiliar words students need to appreciate the variation that occurs in the natural world and the problems this creates for the experimental the approach.  Complex processes such as circulation, immunity, respiration or photosynthesis need breaking down into manageable segments that are then simpler to understand.

Topics such as inheritance require a different approach to learning, including an understanding of the significance of DNA structure and how this can be used to store genetic information which can then be used to build proteins and consequently enzymes which can control biological systems. Grasping the precise way in which genetic information can be passed on to succeeding generations and the importance of how variation is produced and the implication for evolution are fundamental aspects which need to be thoroughly understood. In contrast, ecology necessitates appreciating the interrelationship between several factors, environmental and biological and how changes in one parameter can lead to profound effects on others.

Chemistry provides a different set of challenges. Many students find learning the symbols used for chemical elements and the Periodic Table daunting. With chemistry, the basics are fundamental. It is essential to understand atomic structure as this underpins the Periodic Table and all chemical reactions. Without this foundation knowledge successful completion of the chemistry course becomes very difficult to achieve.

Quite often topics such as chemical equations which cause great difficulty for some can be made understandable by simply going back to basics and applying a few key rules. Likewise understanding other topics such as acids and bases, electrolysis or energy changes in reactions benefits from the step by step by approach that a tutor can provide tailored to the student’s own pace.

With physics it is often the application of equations that is frequently cited as a cause of concern. Thoroughly understanding the concepts that each equation relates to can often help with removing the rather abstract nature that equations often convey.

Some topics can be conceptually difficult to comprehend including the flow of electricity in circuits and how it is affected by way in which resistors are connected, differentiating between contact and non-contact forces, the application of Newton’s Laws and electromagnetism and its use in electric motors.

Testimonials from our clients

“Just wanted to say thank you for helping set up tuition for my daughter and to feedback very favourably about the Tutor we had who provided much needed help with Sciences to my daughter.

She was very organised, professional, provided homework, feedback and made my daughter feel much more confident. She found her kind, patient, good at pacing and checking learning/understanding, knowledgeable and looked forward to her sessions, we couldn’t have asked for more.

We would rate her a 10/10 both from a parents and students perspective.

Kind regards S. M.”